Sovereignty of God

I believe that God’s absolute sovereignty over everything frees us to rest in his complete loving protection over our lives.

Identity in Christ

I believe our identity in Christ is the basis of who we are and how we live.

Unconditional love

I believe God’s unconditional love is the source for the relationships of committed love we have with God and each other.

Relationships of grace

I believe god’s grace applied to our relationships allows us to experience affirmation, trust, vulnerability, submission, healing and freedom.

Freedom in Christ

I believe Christ’s death removed sin as a barrier between God and us and took away all condemnation, so that we are now free to allow God to change us and free to succeed or fail in an atmosphere of grace.


I believe God’s worthiness to be trusted with all our lives allows us to pursue integrity, admit limitations and submit to truth.

Significance of each one

We value one another’s significance and potential because of who we are in Christ not because of status, wealth or abilities.

Releasing vision

We are committed to nurturing each other’s vision, creativity and abilities so that we can fulfill God’s purpose for our lives.


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